Custom skis are an investment. They require more time from you, the customer. They also require more of our time to build and that is why they cost more. However, like many things in life, you will see the difference in the extra time spent. If you want to talk to a salesman, go to your local ski shop and buy a stock ski. If you want talk with an engineer about your perfect ski, then talk to us. You won’t regret it.

We believe that by fixing our shapes we can offer you the best performing skis. There are many variables that go into making a great ski and certain parameters that determine a basis for performance. We do not like to “test” shape designs on our customers. Each ski is uniquely built to you, but it is built from our extensive testing of a shape and the multiple flex patterns that work for each shape and each individual person. When we fit a ski to you, we are matching you to a tested shape and flex pattern. We then further tailor the composite construction to achieve the performance required for each rider, making it a ski that is 100% precisely tailored to you. (For example, if you were buying a custom bike, there are certain angles and geometries that lend themselves to race performance and others that are more suited to long distance touring. These parameters do not change, but was does change is fitting each person to these parameters. That is what we do, fit you to a shape. )

Folsom Custom Skis Website
1001 Lee Hill Dr. #11
Boulder, CO 80302
Call 303.248.3418
Email info@folsomskis.com


Donek is a small company with a very dedicated, creative staff of riders. From our shop in Colorado, we handcraft some of the best snowboards and skis in the world. This is our passion and we intend to continue doing it as long as possible

Our roots stretch back to 1987, we incorporated in 1995, and have grown without any outside funding. Since our first board, we’ve realized that several key elements are fundamentally important to our products and our success.

Innovative designs, advanced technology, and amazing performance define our products and our very real dedication to customer service keeps people coming back year after year. Simply put, we build skis and snowboards that we want to ride and treat people the way we like to be treated. It works – we hope that you’ll check out what other Donek riders say.

Donek Website
Toll free in US: 877.53.DONEK

The idea of starting a ski pole company originated from a school project in the winter of 2007. After identifying a need in the ski industry for better creatively designed ski poles and putting a solid amount of time towards research and development, Sick Stickz was formed by three college students in the fall of 2007. Today the original founders of Sick Stickz still continue to run and grow the business.

Sick Stickz is dedicated to providing skiers with high quality, reliable, and functional products which embody creativity through design. As a business we are committed to holding only the highest ethical standards. As a brand we are devoted to making a positive footprint within the ski industry and pushing the sport to a higher level athletically and creatively.

Sick Stickz Ski Poles Website
P.O. Box #101021
Denver, CO 80250

I’ve designed and produced skis for eleven years on various levels. I started a ski company in my spare bedroom in Colorado. I visited and worked in micro factories and large factories on several continents. There are a lot of different ways to perform each step in the process of making a pair of skis. Through my experience, I pursued my own quest to figure out which steps are best done by high tech machines and which steps are best done by skilled hands. I also spent years designing skis and testing designs. From inside the industry, I witnessed the ignorance of posterboys and the one-track thinking of ego-gods.

With SKILOGIK, I had the opportunity to set up a new factory from scratch, combining the very best methods for each process. The first thing I did was choose a low-cost location so I wouldn’t have to worry about costs. Sounds odd, but it works that way. Expensive locations force you to compromise the product by going cheaper on materials or reducing labor times. The alternative is outsourcing to low-cost locations, but that restricts you to a cookie-cutter product and puts quality at risk.

I took the third rail. I moved with my wife and kids half way across the globe and set up our own factory so that I could design and produce with the best methods possible. I brought in engineers who shared my vision. We designed machinery that didn’t exist, hired craftspeople with better hands than ours, and taught them how to make great skis. And they taught me a lot. After working for two years to get the production center fully capable, I turned my focus to designing a new line of skis using better materials and more craftsmanship per pair.

I’m living a ski-maker’s dream. We design and prototype continually and have no constraints and no boardroom that’s going to fire us if we produce a design outside of the box. We produce year round in small numbers each day. We take as much time as we want on each pair, utilizing the best processes and materials available. Being a passionate skier, this approach to making skis seemed completely logical to me – and that’s how we got our name.

SKILOGIK is for skiers who have the passion for an extraordinary pair of skis. Enjoy!

SkiLogik Website:
PO Box 9480
Breckenridge, CO 80424

EMAIL info@skilogik.com
PHONE (970) 453-8000

Wagner Custom Skis are made from the world’s finest components, one pair at a time, in an ultra-modern shop entirely powered by wind and sun.

All the world’s great ski factories have small prototyping shops to make custom skis and boards for their top athletes. Think Bode Miller and Julia Mancuso buy their skis off the rack? Nope. Their skis are carefully hand made in small lots, with a variety of flexes and bases for optimum speed in different weather conditions and on specific courses.

High performance skis from large factories may be good, but they’re not perfect for you. Wagner Custom skis are designed for your weight, strength, agility, aggressiveness, body type, boot size, preferred terrain, and goals. This translates into better control in challenging terrain, less stress on the body, greater confidence, more consistent performance, improved endurance, and more fun on the slopes. Guided by Wagner Custom’s proprietary fitting system, you participate in the design of your skis, you determine the graphics, and you know you’re on a perfect-fit product.

Wagner Custom Website
120 Front Street
Placerville, CO 81430
Phone: 970.728.0107

Mailing Address
PO Box 3771
Telluride, CO 81435

We are a grass roots network of Customers and self-employed Service Providers dedicated to solving unemployment – One Neighbor at a Time. We are 100% locally owned and operated – our entire team lives and works in Fort Collins. Our vision and mission is shaped by our own experiences in the community. Our co-founders, Glenn and Jeanette Corliss, were inspired to create TryMyWork after they purchased a 100-year-old home and attempted to hire contract workers, nannies and handymen. They scoured the usual anonymous online listing services and conducted countless interviews. They quickly realized that a good interview or sales call was no guarantee of a job well done. The process was frustrating and they realized that their neighbors were facing the same frustration. The experience sparked the idea for TryMyWork, a better way to connect self-employed Service Providers with Customers.

TryMyWork Website
(970) 631-8746
Office hours: Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm, Mountain Time

Stanley Pappas cigars are a must try for cigar lovers. All of us here at Stanley Pappas are very proud of the selection of fine cigars that bears our name.

Our Cigars are a blend of Cuban seed Lijero (the strongest of the tobaccos used), Cuban seed Seco, and Dominican seed Olor (the most aromatic of tobaccos)

The binder (known as the capote in the Dominican Republic) is Dominican seed Olor and the wrapper is either a select Sumatra Indonesian leaf or light and mild Connecticut leaf. The Cuban seed fillers are grown in the Villa Gonzales Region and the Dominican seed fillers, binders, and wrappers are grown in the San Victor Region of Moca. All of these ingredients are skillfully assembled into exquisite cigars by Dominican artisans with many generations of experience

Stanley Pappas Cigars Website
9648 E Arapahoe Rd
Greenwood Village, CO 80112 map
Hours Mon-Sat: 11am – 8pm
Sun: 12pm – 6pm