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The majestic Rocky Mountains…long before cowboys, wagon trains, and gold rushes the Rocky Mountains were a vast and unknown territory. Imagine the many generations of people that have journeyed through its rugged terrain.

Beginning in the early 1800’s, adventuresome beaver trappers and traders explored this expansive wilderness, encountered American Indians, and built Forts that still stand today. They were the first from the East to see the Rockies and the lands from the plains to the Pacific. Theirs was a life of wild, exciting, and perilous existence.

During this time, it was not uncommon for the fur traders to carry a supply of rum with them wherever they went. Not only was it used for trading, but for cooking too. One legend has it that on a cold winter’s night, one of these mountain men was enjoying some cake but found it to be too dry. So, he doused it with some of the rum he had been drinking. It was so good he later developed a method of immersing the cakes in rum syrup and used it for trading at outposts all along the Rocky Mountains.

We hope you’ll enjoy our Rocky Mountain Rum Cakes®. Born from a centuries-old handcrafted recipe and perfected with the finest ingredients, each cake is still made the old-fashioned way – in small batches. Every bite takes you back to when the West was wild and the mountain men of the fur trade roamed free.

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