About: What’s with the one-size-fits-all energy drink market?
You see, we realized that everyone has different energy needs, and different energy occasions. What’s the point of drinking the same energy drink that someone is using for an all night rave, when all you want to do is hit the gym? And are you really going to watch your kids’ soccer game with a mega lightening bolt energy drink in hand?

And where are the energy drinks for the grown-ups?
You know, the ones that don’t require you to light your hair on fire and skateboard off a building. Where are the energy drinks that won’t send you racing off into the night.

What’s with all the weird ingredients?
We don’t know about you, but we like to have an idea of what we’re putting in our bodies. What do we know about Brazilian fruit and unpronounceable herbs? Nothing! But we do know that caffeine can be a source of energy. And the kind of energy you can understand. We know what kind of energy we get from a cup of coffee, but we don’t know what happens after chewing on a berry from the swamps of Peru. We prefer pure sugar over high fructose corn syrup, and if you’re going to sweeten something, Stevia extract comes from the earth not an artificial compound. We like to pay a little more attention to our health, and we thought that you might like to, in a way we can all understand.

And so, we created Vuka.
Let’s face it. We’re not kids any more, and we like to take a little better care of ourselves. But at the same time, we need even more energy now than ever! So we decided to create a range of energy drinks that cater to different occasions, filled with nutrients and vitamins to help you get the right kind of energy for those events. We made Vuka with natural ingredients, no preservatives, and flavors that taste like the real drinks they are, not some kind of unnatural chemical concoction. And there you have Vuka – Intelligent Energy.

Go beyond the buzz, and drink Vuka.
We hope you like it! We certainly do.
Regards, Alexia and Darian

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