Think Local First. Think Products Made In Colorado.

Many people give little consideration to the choice between a locally owned store and a chain when deciding where to shop. They do not know the benefits to their state’s economy of choosing local businesses. Broadening awareness, such as through this blog, is an essential strategy in building our local economy by first choosing products that are locally made and locally owned. There is an amazing variety of products that are produced in Colorado.

Search here first for a product made in Colorado, then Buy Colorado!


One Response to “About”

  1. Laura Baker Says:

    I’m writing to request information for my daughters 4th grade State Fair project. She is representing Colorado and would like to include products made there. The fair is on June 4th and she has a display board and table she is setting up in our school gym. Any samples, stickers, brochures, would be greatly appreciated. Please mail to : Laura Baker, 8812 Big Bend Road, Waterford, Wisconsin, 53185 Thanks for your help in making Colorado well represented! We are anxious to visit next spring.

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