Colorado Coffee Merchants roasts for the Ümpire Estate brand. We are a small batch specialty coffee roaster located in Colorado Springs. Our goal is to roast only the finest beans the world has to offer at fair prices and with superior service. Our commitment to coffee and customer service blends together the two finest ingredients for one incredible company. We have the passion and vision needed to give you the best cup of coffee you will ever experience.

Since our beginning, the Ümpire Estate coffee brand has been about the highest quality of coffee roasted by the highest standards. Carried with freshness and customer service we think that it gets no better. We stand by a personal pledge to be the best in the business, and a personal commitment to bring it to you consistently—every time.

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302 East Fillmore Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
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About Us:
Dazbog Coffee is the realization of the American dream by two immigrants of the former Soviet Union, Anatoly and Leonid Yuffa. The dream that is now Dazbog began on a bitter, cold night among the cobblestone streets of Leningrad. The Yuffa family fled Russia to embark on a new and better life of freedom, democracy and opportunity.

Their journey is the legacy of Dazbog Coffee. By bringing the richness of the Russian heritage and traditions to their quest for roasting only the finest quality Arabica beans from coffee estates around the world. Anatoly and Leonid have found a way to honor the past and enjoy the present in a rich-tasting cup of coffee. This is the Dazbog way. A way that applauds free expression by bringing out the unique flavor of every bean. A way that celebrates life itself in each and every cup.

The history and character of their homeland inspired the unique and intriguing names of Dazbog’s fresh and roasted blends. The White Nights Espresso ® is named for the summer days in Leningrad when the sun never sets. The Hermitage, once home to the czars and now a world-renowned museum, is the namesake of their Hermitage House Blend® a fine medium-roasted coffee that appeals to a wide variety of tastes.

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DazBog Coffee Company
1090 Yuma Street
Denver, CO 80204
Local: 303-892-9999
Tel: 1-888-9DAZBOG
Fax: 303-893-9999
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About Solar Roast Coffee:
Brothers Dave and Mike invented their first solar coffee roaster in the summer of 2004. They built it in their parents’ backyard using mirrors, a broccoli steamer, and an old satellite dish…

Today, they roast with their newest custom-built solar machine in sunny Pueblo, Colorado. Their enormous roaster, dubbed the Helios 4, uses sunlight in place of fuel on sunny days. This reduces carbon emissions, saves energy, and brings out the coffee’s natural oils. Now you too can enjoy the full flavor and richness of Solar Roast Coffee!

*Voted “Best Eco-Friendly Coffee” by the Denver Westword, 2008.*

Solar Roast Coffee
226 North Main Street
Pueblo CO 81003
Telephone:(719) 544-2008

About Us:
A Guatemalan friend and I recently established Earth Friendly by purchasing some of the world’s best coffee-directly from small growers of Guatemala. We paid these growers three times what the traditional specialty roasters have been paying. With the worldwide glut of coffee, traditional roasters have used this over abundance to drive down the price that these indigenous farmers receive for their excellent crop. This phenomenon has made it so that the small farmer cannot even afford to harvest his crop. Many have already had to abandon their farms-in an effort to feed their families.

When Earth Friendly pays these growers a fair trade price for their coffee, we are paying a fair price for the farmer’s superb beans-we are not extending charity. We are in effect saying that we appreciate their quality and refuse to take advantage of them-in order to secure greater profits for ourselves.

We purchase wonderful coffee that is shade grown. This means that the farmers have not clear-cut the forest in order to increase their yield of coffee. Saving the rainforest is extremely important to our environment-and to the very future of earth. In addition, the rainforest provides homes to billions of animals and birds.

Our coffee is chemical free. The small growers use only natural fertilizers, such as those that come from the coffee tree itself. This means that the growers are not exposed to harmful chemicals in their efforts to bring us the best coffee that they can produce. It also means that the coffee consumer does not take in the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers when he/she drinks our coffee.

In closing, we believe that most people would like to drink specialty coffee-if they could just afford it! We believe that Earth Friendly will allow these people to purchase superb coffee, support dealing fairly with indigenous peoples, honor our Earth and creatures the dwell upon it! © 2003

Diane E. Hughes, Founder

Contact Us:
The Earth Friendly Coffee Company™
4350 Wadsworth Blvd, Suite 240
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Toll Free 1-866-807-6089
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Here at High Plains Coffee Roaster (formerly Coffea Rostir)™, we select the finest beans available and roast them using a small batch process that ensures the highest standards of quality while creating flavor and aroma that never disappoints.

High Plains Coffee Roaster (Coffea Rostir)™ is a specialty coffee roaster creating blends for the deserving coffee enthusiast, as well as roasting the single source coffees to a most satisfying balance of flavor, aroma, acidity, body, and finish.

Great coffee starts with freshly roasted beans. Over 90 percent of the coffee in this country is sold stale. The simple presence of whole beans is not enough to guarantee superior freshness.

Freshness. It is one of the most critical elements that distinguish specialty coffee from the ordinary. At High Plains Coffee Roaster (Coffea Rostir)™ our coffee is roasted daily. Small batch roasting ensures freshness. The smooth finish of all our coffees, combined with the natural flavors from the beans will provide cup after cup of coffee drinking pleasure.

Brewing coffee is a type of cooking. The finished cup reflects quality and freshness of its ingredients, coffee and water, as well as the degree of precision with which they were measured and combined. These, in turn, reflect the level of attention and knowledge the cook brings to bear.

Our coffees – like every good recipe requires attention to the preparation process. Knowing this, our coffee will not always brew like your ordinary coffee and that finer grinding or a greater concentration maybe required and will reward you with wonderful flavors, body and a smooth finish.

Coffee cost is usually only a few pennies for each cup. A significantly more expensive coffee may add only a couple of cents to your product cost, and can add tremendous value to your business. Be sure to compliment your entire product line or meal with excellent coffee.

Contact Information:
Steven Bush
High Plains Coffee Roaster
10890 E. Dartmouth Ave.
Denver, CO 80014
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