Sundance Sheepskin and Leather was established as a family business in 1971. Now, 38 years later we pride ourselves in still being a small family owned and operated business. We hand make all of our products in a small workshop out of our home in our small Colorado mountain town of Guffey. Since 1976 we have been marketing our products at judged arts and crafts fairs, as well as running a mail order business. We attend approximately 20 shows annually in a six state region.
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Green business practices
The Sundance family is committed to doing what we can to help the environment. We realize that the shoe industry is not the most environmentally friendly industry, but here are a few reasons that buying from Sundance can help make a difference:
*We have eliminated the toluene based adhesives from our product lines and have gone to a natural rubber based glue with stitched on techniques. Healthier for us and for the environment.
*We buy only US materials tanned locally, thus eliminating the huge amounts of oil required to ship materials from China and other parts of the world and reducing the “carbon footprint” of producing our products.
*The US tanneries that we use are subject to much higher environmental standards than their foreign competitors.
*We re-use cardboard boxes for all of our shipping and recycle anything we can.
*We recently started shipping all orders using UPS Carbon Neutral shipping to offset the environmental impacts of shipping.
*All of the Sundance Family lives within walking distance of our workshop!
*Our workshop is a highly efficient, passive solar design with wood heat.
*We are looking into the feasibility of installing an active solar and wind powered electric system to power our workshop – we’ll keep you posted on the progress.
*Creating products from sheepskin is using an otherwise wasted byproduct of the wool and lamb industry. Sheep are not raised solely for their skins.
*We are always looking for new ways to improve our practices and reduce our impact on our Mother Earth.

So, put on your warm fuzzy Sundance Sheepskin Slippers and turn down the thermostat!

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Jean & Barry Anderson
800 Fawn Dr.
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Dave Hutchings of Thornton, Colorado is a third-generation cattle rancher who’s been making boots for 56 years. Boots are strictly custom, start at $700 and are sold by appointment only. Call (303) 289-6726 or go to

About Us:
It all started when three Boulder, Colorado based founders decided to develop and market an innovative type of footwear called Crocs™ Shoes.

Originally, Crocs™ Shoes were intended as a boating/outdoor shoe because of its slip-resistant, non-marking sole. By 2003, Crocs™ Footwear had become a bona-fide phenomenon, universally accepted as an all purpose shoe for comfort and fashion.

Today, Crocs™ Shoes are available all over the world and on the internet as we continue to significantly expand all aspects of our business.

Despite our rapid success, we still stand behind the core values of Crocs™ Footwear. We are committed to making a lightweight, comfortable, slip-resistant, fashionable and functional shoe, which can be produced quickly and at an affordable price to our customers. We thank you for your support and look forward to providing you with exciting new Crocs™ Shoe designs in the years to come.

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About Us:
The Vez Premia line is hand crafted in Paonia, Colorado, USA. Each sandal is constructed from premium leather components providing you with the elegance you deserve.

All sandals have skived leather uppers, a comfort foam midsole, and leather soles with a rubber heel guard. All styles are available in Black or Dark Brown, whole sizes 6 through 10.

Vez Sandals
322 North Fork
P.O. Box 953
Paonia, CO 81428 USA
tel: 970.372.5461
fax: 970.797.6461
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Extenex Fastening Technology

About Us:
Since the invention of lace-up footwear, which originated in England back in 1790, lacing products have been unable to complement footwear comfort, function, and performance advancements. The normal custom has been to put up with the binding, slipping, and discomfort associated with typical lacing products, as well as the annoying hassle of laces coming untied. The Ultimate Shoe LacesT reverse this tradition, creating the worlds first lacing products designed to enhance and complement, with comfort, function and performance.

Until now, there has never been a shoelace that could be adjusted and yet still have elasticity to allow you to slip on your shoe, yet maintain tension in specific areas.

The Ultimate Shoe Laces provide functionality, performance, and comfort. All brands provide the same quality, features, and warranty. From athletes to kids, grandparents to teens, The Ultimate Shoe Laces are perfect for everyone.

Contact Information:
Xtenex Corporation
3238 South Newland Street
Denver, CO 80227
Toll Free: 1.866.566.8926
Phone: 303.989.9822
Fax: 303.989.0714
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