Hungarian Skin Care is a distinctly designed suite offering Colorado Springs the finest in organic skin care. Proud to feature Eminence Organic Skin Care products handmade in Hungary, that treat your senses using fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and minerals. The Greenest Company In Town! Eminence products addresses a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, acne, loss of tone and radiance. The cures come from nature with ingredients that are good enough to eat. By choosing Eminence you join the fight against global warming. Eminence has a commitment to keeping the planet green , from farming, harvest to green packaging. Hungarian Skin Care also offers skin care services from signature facials, natural microdermabrasion to soya brazilian waxing. Come and experience what Hungarian beauties have known for over half a century – you can have beautiful skin and keep skin beautiful by having regular facials, maintaining a healthy diet and by using natural organic skin care!

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In recent years there has been a major paradigm shift from the status quo in the health and beauty industry. Consumers are demanding that their products be not only high-quality and effective, but also safe for their health and the environment.

Established in 2005. UltraPure Cosmetics sets the standard for unadulterated micro-formulated mineral cosmetics. UltraPure Cosmetics develops skin nurturing cosmetics that are “multi-functional” while stressing that no formula contains petro-chemicals, parabens, oxychloride, talc, sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), or other irritating ingredients. Our products are recommended by the National Rosacea Society, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Aestheticians for their healing benefits,

Consumers are becoming even more savvy about reading ingredient panels. That trend is working its way into Ihe cosmetics industry very quickly. Women want to know they are applying clean products to their skin, especially because approximately 60% of what we apply to our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. Think about that the next lime you apply body lotion, shampoo, toolhpaste, foundation, or lipstick! How many chemical assaults do you apply to your body before having your breakfast in the morning? Curious? According to the Environmental Working Group, the average woman applies 126 chemicals in nine different producls before having her first cup of coffee.

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the glō philosophy
At the heart of the glo brand is the belief that every woman can step into the light and find the kind of radiance that shines from within. Treating the complexion, body and spirit opens the door to finding bliss in life’s journeys, not just its destinations. Each glo collection is designed to shed light on the beauty of the everyday. glominerals, glotherapeutics and glospa offer the ultimate in indulgence and pampering to reveal a glowing exuberance that exists inside us all.

the glō promise

With an extraordinary client service commitment, glo is a skincare industry leader year after year. The highly experienced, well-trained glo team is able to quickly and efficiently surpass expectations while providing the most attentive service. glo is not only committed to providing the best customer service, but also to providing high-performance products. Many prestigious dermatology and plastic surgery practices, spas and medi-spas recommend glo because every product delivers brilliant beauty and proven results.


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