Our Journey started some time ago, far away in the jungles of Africa. Working among the people we needed a healthy, nutritious start to each day. Our food choices were limited so we created our own granola cereal from scratch. Back in America our children and friends delighted in the stories of our travels and our adventures with food. With their prodding we began to recreate our recipe for special occasions, gifts, and charitable causes. The feedback was inspiring…everyone seemed to love our granola. We soon realized that we needed to do more, and make our granola available to anyone who wanted it.

Our Granola is born from an older era, made the way foods used to be made…with traditional ingredients that satisfy and fulfill. For example, we use real butter and brown sugar. We handbake, slowly. This gives Olde Man Granola® a richer and creamier taste with more flavor than other granolas. For us, it’s about what’s in the product…not what’s left out.

Our Philosophy:
We strive to glorify God in all we do. God’s way is the best way and that means we seek to serve you by doing our best to provide high quality, great tasting granola

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