Enabling Technologies was created in 1985 by T.G. “Woody” Witte who saw a need for improved equipment for the disabled athlete. From the original Unique 1 monoski, to Superlite outriggers/crutches, and the versatile Bi-Unique biski, Enabling Technologies has been a leader in improving the quality, saftey, and performance of adaptive equipment. Woody is an innovative designer who brings his knowledge and experience from many disciplines to enhance our products.

ET has a workforce with over 100 years combined expereince manufacturing quality products. We strive to meet and exceed every customers expectations. In addition to providing the highest quality products and services, ET has been an active force in the ongoing creation of standards and practices of adaptive sports worldwide.

Enabling Technologies
2226 S. Jason St.
Denver, CO 80223 USA
FAX 303-936-1992