Kare Products, Inc., cares about improving the comfort, health and safety in people’s lives. Our business sells products and ideas that address health and safety in the work, home and travel environments to provide comfort worldwide.

Our unique designs incorporate winning solutions that focus on simplicity while using durable, quality materials. Customers receive prompt, knowledgeable and friendly service in a way that educates and helps them to make decisions that best meet their needs. Customer support is available from the Kare team and through interactive methods that include a Web site, a showroom and trade show presentations. Our use of state-of-the-art technologies assures that our customers always have access to the most current information about our products and services.

Kare Products supports health, honesty and people’s personal best and attracts customers, employees and vendors with the same dedication. While promoting the health of the business, we are committed to the goals of caring, teamwork and improving efficiency while maintaining a sense of humor, gratitude and grace.

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Karen Porte had an idea. The space between the upright handles of a rolling bag is just about the right size to hold a coffee cup. So Karen rolled up her sleeves and went to work inventing the tugo. Clearly, this multi-tasking mom and emergency room nurse is a problem solver.

“It happens to all of us,” says Karen, “Travelers have their briefcase, laptop, handbag, and carry-on, in a hurry to get to the gate while juggling a meal and beverage purchased in the terminal – they just run out of hands.”

But Karen and her husband, Tom, want to do more than just solve problems. They want a product designed, developed and produced the right way. The tugo is manufactured in the USA and is made using materials without phthalates. The packaging is recyclable paperboard.

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Fli, LLC
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Eco friendly furniture can mean a lot of things. Here at EcoSak, we think it means providing green furniture and the means to maintain it long-term. Our recycled bean bag chairs are covered with silky smooth organic cotton that is washable and replaceable. When your cover gets dirty, simply machine wash it to freshen it up a bit. We also sell replacement covers when you are ready to make the switch to a different color, or when you simply have cleaned it one too many times. After years of enjoyment, the recycled foam might pack down enough that you want to add a litle more, and we sell refill foam just for that reason. You can plump your EcoSak up when the time comes.

We’re sure you will enjoy your lounge time in an eco-friendly bean bag from EcoSak. Our new styles and colors have proven to be a hit! Buy yours today and know what it means to “relax, reuse, and recycle!”


housefishAbout HouseFish:
We make modern, environmentally sensitive modern furniture (FSC certified wood, zero VOC finishes). And we make it here in Denver, Colorado.

Housefish Design Engineering was started in 1998 by Scott Bennett. Apart from furniture, Scott’s design and engineering experience includes Indy 500 winning racecars, composite aircraft, consumer products, and industrial equipment.

Along with design and limited manufacture of innovative contemporary furniture, we also help some of the country’s largest furniture manufacturers, retailers and distributors bring some of their most successful products to market.
Furniture made in Colorado!

Contact Information:
Scott Bennett


About Us:No Sponge Left Behind

Not too long ago, we took a closer look at the sponges in our kitchen and realized something profound. Almost every other product in the cleaning aisle has undergone some kind of evolution, while sponges have been the same for decades. We set out to turn the world of cleaning products on its head – combining design and environmental responsibility to create functional, beautiful, and responsible alternatives.

PO Box 1159
Boulder, CO 80306
303-443-9953 phone
303-317-8211 fax

About Us:
A design collaborative between Eliav Nissan and Holland Seydel. We combine our methodologies to create aesthetic objects for living. We are presently working on a conceptual “upcycle” collection in which we incorporate cast-offs and waste items. Repurposing these discarded raw materials into noteworthy design.

Art With Function
2550 49th Street
Boulder Colorado, 80301

About Us:
The Buffalo Collection comes from Scenic Mesa Ranch in western Colorado. It was born of necessity: the natural buffalo meat business was producing a stack of green hides and the ranch lodges needed some rugged furniture that could take the wear and tear of cowboys and outdoorsmen. Our core line includes an 8’ sofa with tight back and three cushions, a club chair and ottoman. Buffalo leather is strong, soft, and thick. We tan our hides in Salt Lake City. The furniture is made in High Point NC and in Denver.

We are proud of our strong hardwood frames, hand-tied springs, and old-fashioned upholstery skill. Settle into those down-filled cushions and a nap is inevitable.

Phone: 970-872-6031
Posh Buffalo Web Site

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