About Us:
It all started with a question: Does everybody do this? This, being the ridiculous effort it takes to change a regular crib sheet.

We were both first-time moms, and we knew there had to be a better way. We could not imagine years of tying and untying dozens of bumper ribbons and adjusting sheet corners that had popped up in the night. One day, Elizabeth asked another question: “Why can’t you just change the top?”

As Oprah would say, that was our “ah-ha” moment.

Joan sewed the first prototype, a local seamstress perfected it and the QuickZip sheet was born. We had good luck with an early mention in Good Housekeeping, and we took an auspicious trip to the country’s biggest baby-and-kid-stuff trade show, where One Step Ahead catalog saw (and loved) the QuickZip. We were off and running with Clouds and Stars.

We believe our product, the QuickZip sheet, sets Clouds and Stars apart. No other crib sheet is as logical or timesaving. And we hope that our attention to quality—in both our products and our customer service–puts us in another league.

We know our customers notice these things and appreciate them … we’re growing by leaps and bounds because they so enthusiastically tell their friends about our products, who buy a set and tell their friends … who buy a set.

It seems that every day another customer calls to thank us for making her life easier. And all we can say is thank you in return for spreading the word, helping us grow and allowing us to reach for the stars.

Elizabeth and Joan

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Fax Number: (303) 457.1806

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It all started in late 2003 over a plate of nachos. We, the two founders, were commiserating together over our corporate jobs when the conversation migrated to our new-found passion…our babies. We both had just entered the new world of fatherhood and were keenly focused on all the “gear” we acquired to care for our children – strollers, car seats, cribs, and of course…the diaper bag. We both were frustrated in our quest to find a diaper bag that inspired us. Neither of us wanted to carry mom’s flowery diaper bag, but our search for something masculine and functional was futile. So, as dads are known to do, we decided to fix the problem and set out to design some dad gear.

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The Gear Group
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Phone: 303.221.1511
Fax: 303.600.6744
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