Zuke’s is built on a simple premise. We love our pets and want what’s best for them. After all, they’ve seen us naked and they don’t judge us when we drink directly out of the milk carton. It’s that unconditional love between pet and owner that drove us to create our line of premium, all–natural pet treats & chews. It all began on a hike with my dog Zuke in 1995, I noticed that he’d become exhausted, so I broke off a piece of my energy bar for him and he perked right up. It was then that I realized pets need healthy, all–natural treats, just as much as people do.

Unlike other treats that are comprised of unrecognizable 14 letter ingredients, Zuke’s is formulated to provide the specific nutrients your cat or dog needs. Our products include the finest meats, premium grains, fruits, vegetables and oils available. With Zuke’s treats you’ll never find any harsh preservatives like BHA, added animal fat, nasty by–products or artificial colors or flavors. In other words, we don’t put anything in our products that we wouldn’t eat ourselves—except for Mark in accounting—he’s not so crazy about beets.

As a further testament to the confidence and love we’ve put into our entire line, Zuke’s offers a money back guarantee on everything we sell. That’s the 80’s movie equivalent of standing outside your house with a boom box over our head. That’s how much we stand behind our products.

We hope you have as much fun trying out the entire line of Zuke’s treats with your pets as we had making them.
Thanks for choosing Zuke’s,
Patrick Meiering
Founder and Head Bone Maker

PO BOX 3210
Durango, CO 81302

Toll Free in the USA: 1-866-985-3364
Outside the USA: 1-970-247-5455
Fax: 1-970-247-4404


About Us:
Fido Flat, LLC is a small business aimed at offering a contemporary, functional, unique, designer dog house to pet owners who are tired of the ubiquitous offerings at the big box chain pet stores.

We are a small, client-oriented company with the foresight to design and build a quality product. All of our Fido Flat luxury dog houses are built by hand and we guarantee every Fido Flat dog house that we sell. Customer satisfaction and service are our top priorities.

We are located in downtown Denver, Colorado. At Fido Flat, LLC, we make it our mission to invest in our community by supporting local businesses and organizations in the Golden Triangle Neighborhood and in the metro Denver area.

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