Welcome to Flylow, manufacturers of freeride apparel and ambassadors for the soul of skiing. Our team at Flylow believes that we are in a new age of skiing and our gear is constructed to meet the ever-changing demands of the sport. Simply put, our clothing is designed for the out all day, skinning, boot-packing, lift-riding, ripping, I use my gear, modern skier.

The philosophy here at Flylow has not changed since our conception. Design clothing that is comfortable, durable, fashionable and budget friendly. We believe in these roots. When Flylow was established three years ago we saw a gap in the industry. As both telemark and alpine skiers we spent as much time in the backcountry as in the resort and all the people we rode with, including ourselves, were wearing mountaineering gear. These clothes were designed for light and fast travel in the mountains and did not stand up to the rigors of riding in demanding terrain.

In response, our team at Flylow has developed lines of clothing that are specifically suited for the current ski community. Throughout the creative process we have focused on balancing durability, simplicity and functionality and as a result have created a product that will perform perfectly whether your lapping some in-bounds or charging in the backcountry.

Thanks for checkin us out, hope to see you out there.

Some Contact Info for ya:
2158 S. Williams Street
Denver, CO 80210
Dan Abrams Phone: (303) 906-1091
Greg Steen Phone: (307) 699-1241
Fax: (303) 942-3716


Our company was officially founded in the fall of 2003 by a few friends in their twenties, living in Aspen Colorado. We worked multiple jobs, day and night, to save enough money to start our company. The designs, ideas, and philosophy of our company were in development for about two years before we saved up enough cash to officially incorporate High Society Freeride.

We wanted to build a business that embraced skiing and snowboarding equally, as Freeride sports. We strive to design and build the highest quality skis and snowboards for our supporters. All skis and boards are handcrafted using only the finest materials and production techniques. Limited production ensures quality control and eliminates brand saturation. We stand behind our skis and snowboards with a full one year warranty.

We know we are not the first company to make both skis and snowboards but we do feel that we are the first to do so out of pure love for both sports. Ski companies started making snowboards when they realized that the market was there and even some snowboard companies started to make skis when the twin tip boom started. Everything we design and manufacture at High Society is to benefit our team and athletes in their respective sports, not just to have products to market to the masses.

An important part of the High Society Philosophy is community involvement. We would be nowhere if not for the support of our friends, family, and community. It is for that reason we try and give back what we can. Our company is not capable of writing the big charity checks you see on TV but we do try and give a something back. This season we will be donating a portion of our online sales to charitable groups and organizations. If you have one you would like us to hear about, please let us know.

Something unique about HSFC is that not only are we completely 100% rider owned, but we are also 100% rider operated. We take pride in everything we do and appreciate any and all of your comments and ideas. It is the only way to improve. Thank you again for all your support. We look forward to hearing from you this season.

PO BOX 6031
Snowmass Village, CO 81615
General Inquires – 970.922.0950
Fax – 970.922.0950

About Dohm:
We are proud to be American made. Since 1994 in Colorado, Dohm-Icebox has been designing and manufacturing wool knit hats and accessories for the outdoor winter market. These wool products are handcrafted on antique knitting and sewing machines that have been turning out wool products for over 40 years. Running through these machines are highly prized merino wool and wool mohair blend yarns that create a superior product.

In 2006, Dohm
-Icebox introduced Xob (pronounced zob) a hat and accessories upcycled collection comprised of gently used wool garments. Each one is as unique as the other and showcases are commitment to sustainability.

Check us out at www.dohmhats.com

Dohm Headwear
1840 Commerce Street
Unit A
Boulder, Colorado 80301