The original idea for Straight Up Chess was born out of a chess set I made many years ago. The table is 44” square with maple and walnut tiles. The board sits on 14-inch turned walnut legs so you can relax in your chair and view the playing surface. I turned the chess pieces out of walnut and cherry. The Kings are 12 inches tall. You can move the chess pieces around the board without leaving your chair using hooked sticks, turned from walnut and cherry. The table takes up a lot of room and I have searched for a place to display it many times. It has been in my home, my office, offices that belong to others and at times in storage. In the fall of 2007, I considered taking the legs off the table, mounting the board on the wall and putting shelves to the side of the board to display the chess pieces. Then just before Thanksgiving, while sitting on eternal phone hold, I envisioned how that chess set would look on the wall, and it hit me ‘What if I could put it on the wall and still play chess?’ In that instant Straight Up Chess was born.

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PCGamerBike is a product of 3D Innovations, LLC.

PCGamerBike is the combination of high quality exercise equipment with leading-edge programmable game controller technology.

Your pedal motion controls your characters motion in the game. Pedal forward to move forward, pedal backwards to move in the reverse direction.

Just plug the PCGamerBike into your USB port and it’s ready to play hundreds of PC games. The PCGamerBike can be easily configured to play hundreds more.

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Music Wizard

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We at Music Wizard Group™ believe that the language of music is a birthright that anyone can learn and enjoy, at any age, regardless of experience. We provide the means to unlock and ignite the creative musical genius inherent in us all. Our target market is anyone who wishes to enjoy, play or create music, regardless of experience. Whether it is your first time, you are starting again or you are recovering from a less than positive music experience in the past, our products are for you.

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Toll-free: 877-742-6604