About Us:
Little Journeys Baby World was formed in late 2001 after its founder, Caroline Riepler, discovered that her products were becoming ever increasingly popular. Her Swiss-American heritage has given her great pleasure to know and meet many people from different lands, cultures and languages. Which has made it possible to show it through her products.

Starting from her home in Colorado, Little Journeys Baby World first supplied their products to local shops, and special events. Now Little Journeys is getting together with other Talented Designers who are here for you and your Family on the Internet, in local shops or now coming soon Home Parties.

Our products come with cute little stories or tags, that make our products so unique. May our products be treasured with you and your family. We wish you all health and happiness and many more happy journeys to come with you and your family.

We have various artists from Colorado such as: Moonlight Bay Beading, Barefoot and Beading, Bubblicious Fun Soap, Natural Serenity Bath and Body Products, La French Hens Elegant Pillow Cases for the whole family, Little Journeys Baby World baby line, and lots lots more will be coming soon.

We also offer Home Parties for that special little one that is coming into the world.
(Home Parties will be available in August 2008)

16821 Roberts Street
Mead, Colorado 80542
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About Us:
It all started with a question: Does everybody do this? This, being the ridiculous effort it takes to change a regular crib sheet.

We were both first-time moms, and we knew there had to be a better way. We could not imagine years of tying and untying dozens of bumper ribbons and adjusting sheet corners that had popped up in the night. One day, Elizabeth asked another question: “Why can’t you just change the top?”

As Oprah would say, that was our “ah-ha” moment.

Joan sewed the first prototype, a local seamstress perfected it and the QuickZip sheet was born. We had good luck with an early mention in Good Housekeeping, and we took an auspicious trip to the country’s biggest baby-and-kid-stuff trade show, where One Step Ahead catalog saw (and loved) the QuickZip. We were off and running with Clouds and Stars.

We believe our product, the QuickZip sheet, sets Clouds and Stars apart. No other crib sheet is as logical or timesaving. And we hope that our attention to quality—in both our products and our customer service–puts us in another league.

We know our customers notice these things and appreciate them … we’re growing by leaps and bounds because they so enthusiastically tell their friends about our products, who buy a set and tell their friends … who buy a set.

It seems that every day another customer calls to thank us for making her life easier. And all we can say is thank you in return for spreading the word, helping us grow and allowing us to reach for the stars.

Elizabeth and Joan

Contact Information:
12061 Pennsylvania St
Suite B101
Denver, Colorado 80241-3146
Tollfree Number: (866) 325.6837
Local Number: (720) 929.1099
Fax Number: (303) 457.1806
Email: info@cloudsandstars.com

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