We are a grass roots network of Customers and self-employed Service Providers dedicated to solving unemployment – One Neighbor at a Time. We are 100% locally owned and operated – our entire team lives and works in Fort Collins. Our vision and mission is shaped by our own experiences in the community. Our co-founders, Glenn and Jeanette Corliss, were inspired to create TryMyWork after they purchased a 100-year-old home and attempted to hire contract workers, nannies and handymen. They scoured the usual anonymous online listing services and conducted countless interviews. They quickly realized that a good interview or sales call was no guarantee of a job well done. The process was frustrating and they realized that their neighbors were facing the same frustration. The experience sparked the idea for TryMyWork, a better way to connect self-employed Service Providers with Customers.

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Office hours: Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm, Mountain Time


Music Works Custom Batons was started in 1999 in response for a need of quality batons here in Denver. While working at Flesher-Hinton Music, one of my favorite baton companies was getting harder and harder to get “Harrison Hurtz Batons” so Music Works Custom Batons was created.

A baton that you will want for years takes time to make. It has been a journey to find what works best for a baton that I would use. Even during rehearsal I could never use an inexpensive stick. They just don’t feel right. I hope that you like what I have made as much as I like them. Well some better than others.

Music Works Custom Batons
2245 Clermont Street
Denver Colorado, 80207
Alan Martin

Colorado Case Company makes professional grade musical instrument cases. We started in 1993 and set out to design an instrument case that could withstand the weather extremes of a Colorado summer music festival. The temperatures can be below zero at night and sore to over 100 degrees by afternoon, combined with rain, hail, sleet or snow. This kind of temperature change is very harmful to acoustic instruments. Our cases protect through a proprietary material and designs. We have since grown to include 4 distinct brands, including an exclusive license agreement with Boulder based Case Logic. All of our products, except the case logic venture, are made in our Fort Collins facility. While we sell over stock items on our website, we are well known for ability to make a custom product aimed at the needs of a single musician. Almost all touring bands have members using our products including bands such as Tim McGraw, Lyle Lovett, David Grisman, Peter Rowan and the Dixie

Colorado Case Company Website
1713 East Lincoln Avenue, Unit A6
Fort Collins, CO 80524

fax 970-266-1905

Name: Steve Simmons
Email: steve@coloradocase.com

Music Wizard

About us:
We at Music Wizard Group™ believe that the language of music is a birthright that anyone can learn and enjoy, at any age, regardless of experience. We provide the means to unlock and ignite the creative musical genius inherent in us all. Our target market is anyone who wishes to enjoy, play or create music, regardless of experience. Whether it is your first time, you are starting again or you are recovering from a less than positive music experience in the past, our products are for you.

Contact Information:
Music Wizard Group
Allegro Multimedia Inc
7367 Glacier View Rd.
Longmont, CO 80503

Toll-free: 877-742-6604