Great Range Brand Bison is produced and distributed by Rocky Mountain Natural Meats. Rocky Mountain Natural Meats started in 1986 as a small meat distributor devoted solely to bison. From the beginning, our focus was to provide high quality bison meat and great service to grocers, distributors and restaurants nationwide. An in-house grading system was developed to guarantee premium quality and consistency to the end user – this became the Great Range Bison brand. Carcass characteristics such as fat color, fat cover, muscle color, ossification and weight are the major factors in determining if the product receives the Great Range Bison brand. By working closely with our producers and assisting them with ration formulation, our quality control begins at the source. Today, Rocky Mountain Natural Meats processes over 300 head of bison per week.

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About Us:
Hello, I’m Roy Moore, and I’d like to tell you the story of Maverick Ranch Natural Meats and the Moore family. The Maverick Ranch Association was organized by the Moore family in 1985 to market natural meat products grown on family owned farms and ranches.

The Maverick Ranch program has its roots on the Moore family ranch in Idaho, where my wife Bobbi and I encouraged our sons Rex, Lance, Charlie, and Monte to join the local 4-H Club and show their 4-H livestock projects at County and State Fairs. Our goal was that these 4-H projects would earn enough to pay for their college educations and teach them a strong work ethic.

All four boys attained that educational goal, and from there they set their sights on the untapped market for meat that was free of antibiotics, steroids, and pesticides. In 1986, our family started supplying natural beef to one store. Today, our producer farmers and ranchers supply natural meats to 8% of the nation’s supermarkets.

When I look back and remember that our sons started this business when they were still in school, I’m still amazed. It proves to me what a great country America really is.

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