About us:
FlyteDeck Chest Flybox System, the ultimate accessory for the minimalist angle. Based around a top-quality Okuma fly box, the FlyteDeck packs more functionality into less space – and with less weight.

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Phone: 800.487.1887
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FlyteDeck, Inc.
P.O. Box 18564
Boulder, CO 80308 USA


Psolar Facemasks

About Us:
The QXtec technology was invented by Lee Bagby, a professional mechanical engineer. Raised in a cold climate, Bagby became an avid outdoor enthusiast. His passion for the outdoors combined with his professional technical expertise inspired the idea. Through his work designing HVAC applications he was exposed to the latest heat exchange technology, which ignited the idea for application to recreation accessories.

The company is currently in design/development for a series of recreational and health-related outdoor accessories.

Contact Information:
Psolar, Inc.
5739 W 6th Ave #3
Lakewood, CO 80214
Phone: For orders, call (888) PSOLARX