About Us:
At The Colorado Yurt Company, we have a family of employees who take great pride and care to craft every yurt, tipi and canvas wall tent that leaves our shop. Our story began back in 1976 when owners Dan and Emma Kigar made their first tipi and called it home. They set their tipi on a mountainside and watched the stars pass and the seasons change. It wasn’t long before some of their friends wanted the same experience and the adventure called Earthworks Tipis began. Living at 9,000 feet in harsh Colorado winters in a tipi gave them the first hand experience they needed to design and manufacture fabric structures that withstand extreme climate conditions while leaving a light footprint environmentally!

Today, the enterprise has evolved into The Colorado Yurt Company still making quality tipis but also adding Mongolian style modern yurts and rugged canvas wall tents to the mix. The tiny workshop is now a small campus of production facilities and display yurts, tipis and tents located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Montrose, Colorado. The two back-to-the-land entrepreneurs grew into a group of thirty talented craftsmen and craftswomen who produce tipis, tents and yurts known and respected worldwide with a solid reputation for quality and personable service that is sometimes difficult to find in today’s fast paced world.

If you are moved to live, work or play in a tipi, tent or yurt and enjoy the gifts nature has to offer we think you’ll enjoy our website. It includes hundreds of photos of yurts, tipis and tents and many detailed features of each. You’ll find helpful tips and lots of resources along the way. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. We’d love to talk with you and help you design a tipi, tent or yurt that fits your needs, your budget and your environmental values. Earthworks Tipis, Cimarron Tents and Colorado Yurts.Get Out In One!

Colorado Yurt Company
28 W. South 4th St.
Montrose, CO 81401
800.288.3190 or 970.240.2111
970.240.2146 (fax)
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About Us:
Nite Ize, Inc., based out of beautiful Boulder, Colorado is the leading manufacturer of innovative accessories in the United States. The philosophy at Nite Ize is to create unique solutions to everyday, identifiable problems, and Nite Ize has been growing and innovating since it’s inception by Owner and President, Rick Case, in 1989. Nite Ize began by manufacturing a line of accessories designed to expand the versatility and usability of flashlights, and has more recently expanded their product line to include Mobile Accessories, L.E.D. Accessories and Hardware Accessories.

Contact Info:
Nite Ize, Inc.
5660 Central Avenue
Boulder, Colorado 80301 USA
US & Canada: 1-800-678-6483
Phone: 303-449-2576
Fax: 303-449-2013
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Snot Spoty

The Snot Spot® is made of soft, high-quality, moisture-resistant fleece and is worn directly over your winter glove, mitten, or even on a bare hand. It loops over one finger (or thumb, for mittens) and around the wrist to give you a large, always accessible surface to take care of those pesky drips. Whether you prefer to use your finger or the whole back of your hand, the Snot Spot is there for you. And with its form-fitting design, it doesn’t interfere with the use of ski poles, snowboard binding straps, shoe laces, or whatever other gear you may have in hand.

Contact Information:
When I Grow Up, Inc.
Attn: Snot Spot
P.O. Box 1465
Vail, CO 81658
Ph: 970-331-1792
Fx: 484-450-9469
Snotspot Website