Kare Products, Inc., cares about improving the comfort, health and safety in people’s lives. Our business sells products and ideas that address health and safety in the work, home and travel environments to provide comfort worldwide.

Our unique designs incorporate winning solutions that focus on simplicity while using durable, quality materials. Customers receive prompt, knowledgeable and friendly service in a way that educates and helps them to make decisions that best meet their needs. Customer support is available from the Kare team and through interactive methods that include a Web site, a showroom and trade show presentations. Our use of state-of-the-art technologies assures that our customers always have access to the most current information about our products and services.

Kare Products supports health, honesty and people’s personal best and attracts customers, employees and vendors with the same dedication. While promoting the health of the business, we are committed to the goals of caring, teamwork and improving efficiency while maintaining a sense of humor, gratitude and grace.

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Howdy, Partners! Welcome to our collection of leather products, fancy duds and decorative doodads.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for handmade saddles, tack, fine leather clothing, leather decorative items, and various other useful and attractive leather products, all of which we’ve been making since…well, so long we can’t rightly recall.

Some of our fine leather products are aimed at making you and your horse as comfortable as possible, other items are right useful even to city folks with maybe an affection for western cowboy decor. Our simple Pocket Lead, for example, could be used to help you handle a horse, but you could just as well use it as an attractive dog leash. Or you might want a pair of cowboy chaps to wear while riding your motorcycle, like Jackie does…

You’ll also find information on making your own leather products, suppliers and such…and a bit of history about us and our ranch in western Colorado.

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595 CR 501
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Phone: 970-884-9415