About Autumn Teneyl:
Capricious and captivating, Autumn Teneyl is a celebration of eclectic chic: Luscious organics, stretch laces, vibrant colors, soft and flowing, body-conscious details; Glorious pants, tops and dresses with no binding stiffness to disrupt the grace and beauty of females in motion. It’s not just a look ~ it’s a statement!

The Designer:

Autumn Teneyl is a fashion designer and artist best known for her feminine, free‐flowing designs. In the summer of 2000, Autumn found her calling as a fashion designer. Her fluid designs were born against the natural backdrop of mountain music festivals, giant Aspen and bustling streams. The mountain chic, homegrown label is owned by the designer, who is committed to an ethical and eco-conscious model in all areas of the business. Autumn is an advocate for the environment and the human condition, and she devotes annual time and revenue to these causes. Autumn utilizes domestically made organic fabrics and re-purposed designer‐end natural & synthetic fabrics to reduce the environmental burden of textile manufacturing. ATD offsets 100% of their operational and travel costs by purchasing renewable energy credits (REC’s) and has donated tens of thousands of dollars yearly to organizations such as the AIDS Foundation, Free A Child, public radio stations (KDNK, KGNU, KSUT, eTown) and environmental groups like Colorado Wild. Every garment is handmade in Colorado, USA.

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USPS Mailing Address:
Autumn Teneyl Designs
P.O. Box 2998
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Autumn Teneyl Designs
157 S. 8th Street
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Direct Studio Line: (970) 264-1044


About Us:
A design collaborative between Eliav Nissan and Holland Seydel. We combine our methodologies to create aesthetic objects for living. We are presently working on a conceptual “upcycle” collection in which we incorporate cast-offs and waste items. Repurposing these discarded raw materials into noteworthy design.

Art With Function
2550 49th Street
Boulder Colorado, 80301

About Us:
Elisabethan’s garments and goodies are wearable collages constructed from reclaimed and vintage textiles, making each Elisabethan piece unique. Fabric, trims and buttons are harvested from existing items that may have previously been a sweater, drapery, favorite t-shirt or vintage yardage stashed in your grandmother’s sewing room.

Designer/recycler Elisabeth Delehaunty travels all over the country to collect an eclectic supply of raw materials. These fabrics are washed, dried, deconstructed, hand-cut, combined, stitched, and finished with appliqués or other handwork. Recycling is the heart of our business philosophy.

We’re inspired by the challenge to create playful garments out of materials gathered from the sea of stuff that surrounds us all, making something “new” that isn’t “more.” The result is lively, highly functional pieces made from ingredients that are on (at least!) their second time around.

PO Box 1658
Paonia, CO 81428
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About Us:
The Vez Premia line is hand crafted in Paonia, Colorado, USA. Each sandal is constructed from premium leather components providing you with the elegance you deserve.

All sandals have skived leather uppers, a comfort foam midsole, and leather soles with a rubber heel guard. All styles are available in Black or Dark Brown, whole sizes 6 through 10.

Vez Sandals
322 North Fork
P.O. Box 953
Paonia, CO 81428 USA
tel: 970.372.5461
fax: 970.797.6461
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About Us:
So it starts like this. After growing up and working around bike shops, surf shops, board shops and outfitters, we enjoy a culture that loves to enjoy the outdoors. There is always talk about a killer set of waves and dolphins playing in the surf, an epic afternoon rolling across warm red rocks on your bike, or a hike in fresh powder on a full moon snowshoe trek. There is also talk about a beach polluted by sludge or surfing next to trash, trails that all of a sudden become strip malls, or the snow trip sans snow because of global warming.

We sometimes forget our actions directly affect our environment. Yet, we cause damage to the environment with our insatiable desire for more gear and gadgets purchased to enjoy the environment, oh the irony. Most of these items are composed of toxic materials and manufactured in questionable environments. Don t get us wrong, there are certain industrial applications that demand certain materials, but do we really need all those products that hurt the environment or are made in an unsustainable way?

Once we became aware of how products and companies negatively impact the world, we began to look for more environmentally friendly consumer options. Alas, there were too few alternatives to be found. Frustrated yet inspired, we decided it was time for an outdoor product company to make a positive contribution.

Ecologic Designs was incorporated in Boulder, Colorado USA. Boulder proves to be an exciting location with great terrain and people to test ECOLOGIC gear; the location and lifestyle influence this innovative line of products. We are devoted to products and fashions that have a positive environmental and social impact, while raising ecological awareness. Dedicated to the design and manufacture of gear and products from recycled or reclaimed materials, Ecologic Designs and its Green Guru™ and Green Goddess™ Gear is able to help the earth while providing its user with incredibly durable, dependable and stylish products.

We hope that you too are interested in making a change. We promise to work hard to provide products that have a positive impact on the world we enjoy riding, surfing, skiing, boarding, biking, hiking, skating, climbing, running, walking, swimming…etc. Be green and so will your pastures!

PO Box 20985
Boulder, CO 80308
phone 303.258.1611
fax 303.258.3076
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English Retreads

Heather English got the idea for English Retreads when she was floating down Boulder Creek on, you guessed it, an inner tube. “I needed a new handbag but I was a hardcore vegetarian. I wanted something that was fashionable and invincible—but not made from leather,” Heather explains. “I didn’t find what I was looking for, so I went to McGuckin’s, [a favorite local hardware store] bought some tools and started my own personal sweatshop—with me doing the sweating.” After friends started asking for a bag just like hers, Heather knew she was on to something and English Retreads hit the road in 2001.

Truck stops in the Boulder area supply Heather with the used inner tubes—each of which probably has more than 60,000 miles on it before it gets reinvented. “Just think of all the places these tubes have been,” says Heather. “Now it’s your turn to add to their miles and adventures.”

Contact Information:
English Retreads
4949 N. Broadway, Suite 147
Boulder, Colorado 80304
phone: 303.258.1625