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CoffeeCakes.com (doing business as Majordomo’s) is a privately held company that markets specialty food and gourmet gift items exclusively on the Internet. Founded in 1995, the company is headquartered in Castle Rock, Colorado. Since its inception, CoffeeCakes.com has enjoyed year-after-year growth (typically 30% annually). Originally, the company was formed as an Internet coffee shop (the first of its kind in Denver), but Sherry Comes, founder and president, quickly recognized the potential for selling their delicious coffee cakes and took the company to new heights by marketing exclusively online.
CoffeeCakes.com’s ever-expanding product line includes coffeecakes, whiskey cakes, rum cakes and travel mugs. The company recently added their signature coffeecakes in a larger size due to increasing customer demand.

The company distinguishes itself from other Internet retailers because of its obsession with providing superior customer service. For example, the company employs a “no questions asked” return policy. The sense of employee ownership resulting from this philosophy has also reaped dividends for CoffeeCakes.com. The company has consistently received a “Five Star Top Service Rating” from its customers every year since 1995 for excellence in both quality and customer service. The company’s website received media recognition when it was described as “well-organized and easy to navigate” by The Wall Street Journal. While most of the business is repeat business, CoffeeCakes.com is expanding its product line and marketing initiatives in order to grow this existing customer base.

A portion of CoffeeCakes.com’s profits is donated to help find a cure for Neurofibromatosis (NF) and to help support families affected by the disease. The company’s support for this cause was prompted by the fact that Sherry’s son was diagnosed with the disease in 2005. Gillian Anderson, who is probably best known for her role as “Scully” in the TV Series “The X-Files” is a celebrity spokesperson for the cause of NF. CoffeeCakes.com has formed a mutually beneficial charitable partnership with both Gillian and Neurofibromatosis Inc. (NF Inc.) a charitable organization that supports those affected by the disease. CoffeeCakes.com also supports cancer research, local fund-raisers and non-profit organizations and seeks to raise awareness among women of the dangers of heart disease. Sherry was recently awarded The Denver Business Journal’s “Outstanding Women in Business Award” (Jean Yancy Small Business category) for her exceptional contribution to local business and the community at large.

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It was Christmas 1983 and my best friend Joan came over to bake with me. We baked toffee and cookies and 7-layer bars and caramel corn and rum cakes and so much more. Then, we gave them away to friends, family and neighbors.

As expected, we received many calls of thanks. They liked the toffee. They liked the 7-layer bars. They liked the caramel corn and the cookies. But they were going to CRY if they didn’t get more rum cake.


As the years went by, no matter what was going on in our lives, Joan and I got together every December to bake. We also continued to refine the rum cake every year. (People were already offering us their first-born for these cakes. What more did we want? World cake domination?)

We baked together for 23 years.

But this story takes a sad turn. My best friend, my confidante and my baking buddy, Joan, passed away from cancer in June 2007. Just the previous Christmas, we had talked about selling our cakes one day … and now here I am. I don’t sell the toffee. I don’t sell the 7-layer bars or the cookies. I sell the rum cakes.

I do this in her honor and in gratitude for her friendship.
Enjoy … and be sure to share this cake with your friends!

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About Us:
The majestic Rocky Mountains…long before cowboys, wagon trains, and gold rushes the Rocky Mountains were a vast and unknown territory. Imagine the many generations of people that have journeyed through its rugged terrain.

Beginning in the early 1800’s, adventuresome beaver trappers and traders explored this expansive wilderness, encountered American Indians, and built Forts that still stand today. They were the first from the East to see the Rockies and the lands from the plains to the Pacific. Theirs was a life of wild, exciting, and perilous existence.

During this time, it was not uncommon for the fur traders to carry a supply of rum with them wherever they went. Not only was it used for trading, but for cooking too. One legend has it that on a cold winter’s night, one of these mountain men was enjoying some cake but found it to be too dry. So, he doused it with some of the rum he had been drinking. It was so good he later developed a method of immersing the cakes in rum syrup and used it for trading at outposts all along the Rocky Mountains.

We hope you’ll enjoy our Rocky Mountain Rum Cakes®. Born from a centuries-old handcrafted recipe and perfected with the finest ingredients, each cake is still made the old-fashioned way – in small batches. Every bite takes you back to when the West was wild and the mountain men of the fur trade roamed free.

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