Brown Cycles

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Owner Chris Brown specializes in quality service, standing behind every sale and every customer. From New Bikes to Used, Mountain Bikes, Children’s Bikes – and special designs for those with special needs -Brown Cycles has the best selection for you and your family.

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Brown Cycles
549 Main Street
Grand Junction CO 81501
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Extenex Fastening Technology

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Since the invention of lace-up footwear, which originated in England back in 1790, lacing products have been unable to complement footwear comfort, function, and performance advancements. The normal custom has been to put up with the binding, slipping, and discomfort associated with typical lacing products, as well as the annoying hassle of laces coming untied. The Ultimate Shoe LacesT reverse this tradition, creating the worlds first lacing products designed to enhance and complement, with comfort, function and performance.

Until now, there has never been a shoelace that could be adjusted and yet still have elasticity to allow you to slip on your shoe, yet maintain tension in specific areas.

The Ultimate Shoe Laces provide functionality, performance, and comfort. All brands provide the same quality, features, and warranty. From athletes to kids, grandparents to teens, The Ultimate Shoe Laces are perfect for everyone.

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Xtenex Corporation
3238 South Newland Street
Denver, CO 80227
Toll Free: 1.866.566.8926
Phone: 303.989.9822
Fax: 303.989.0714
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