We are a grass roots network of Customers and self-employed Service Providers dedicated to solving unemployment – One Neighbor at a Time. We are 100% locally owned and operated – our entire team lives and works in Fort Collins. Our vision and mission is shaped by our own experiences in the community. Our co-founders, Glenn and Jeanette Corliss, were inspired to create TryMyWork after they purchased a 100-year-old home and attempted to hire contract workers, nannies and handymen. They scoured the usual anonymous online listing services and conducted countless interviews. They quickly realized that a good interview or sales call was no guarantee of a job well done. The process was frustrating and they realized that their neighbors were facing the same frustration. The experience sparked the idea for TryMyWork, a better way to connect self-employed Service Providers with Customers.

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The easy-to-use, 2 inch, self adhesive Thermostrip is worn on the forehead or upper chest (if the upper chest is used, then add one degree to the reading, as the Thermostrip is further from the brain). It is scientifically proven to reflect the “physiology” of the brain, determining if we are training within an appropriate intensity range / zone.

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FlyteDeck Chest Flybox System, the ultimate accessory for the minimalist angle. Based around a top-quality Okuma fly box, the FlyteDeck packs more functionality into less space – and with less weight.

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