About Us:“I designed the Optibike to be the finest electric bike in the world, without compromise. It handles like a dream and is just fun to ride. It will take you where you want to go with style and speed. You will find every aspect of the Optibike unsurpassed in style and performance. Riding an Optibike will transform your life. You will feel energized and lose weight effortlessly. We guarantee 100% satisfaction Our bike warranty is the longest in the industry and our 3 year 30,000 mile warranty on our new lithium battery is unsurpassed”.

-Jim Turner Optibike Inventor

Finally, an Electric bike that really rips. Gas prices are up, and people are looking for alternatives. In the last few years, the American Market has been flooded by cheap electric bikes that make false claims about performance, range, and capability. There is one electric bike out there that people are raving about: The Optibike.

Optibike customers are experiencing 30+ mph, 50-100 mile ranges, and the comfort of knowing that because their bike was custom built to their specifications right here in the USA, the quality and service are top notch.

Optibike is not your typical off the shelf Junker. Fox Suspension front and rear, every component is high-end, a 20 amp hour 36 volt lithium battery that is warranted by Optibike for 3 years/30,000 miles and the best part: a fully integrated design that features the battery and all of the electronics inside of the frame so you can get away from the science fair look of all the other E-bikes.

The Optibike is propelled by the patented Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB) that drives the front chain ring so the motor, and the rider work together to take advantage of the gears in the rear derailleur! Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?

The result: ridiculous acceleration, unbelievable hill climbing (they rode one up Pikes Peak in Colorado
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOADbRYDl8g) and the longest range offered on any electric bike. And the kicker: They guarantee that the bike lives up to their claims with a 90 day money back guarantee. On top of that, the bike has a 1 year full warranty and a lifetime warranty on the frame and TAG Wheels. Optibike was smart enough to keep the wheels light so you don’t have to worry about the un sprung mass of heavy wheels that you see with other E-bikes that use cheap hub motors.

2150 A Tamarack Ave
United States of America

Phone: 303.443.0932
Fax: 303.245.8507
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The Company Behind Backup

Rebit is an innovative new company all about relieving the burden of backup technology from the PC user. They just plug Rebit into a PC to get fully automated and continuous backup protection – no setup, configuration, schedules, or buttons. Rebit backs up the OS, applications, data: everything. Integrated with Windows, data recovery is as easy as drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer. Rebit provides for bare metal recovery from hard disk crash, and the Rebit appliance never fills up, always delivering reliable, continuous backup protection for ones entire PC. Rebit delivers ridiculously simple backup.

Contact Information:
Rebit, Inc.
2420 Trade Centre Ave
Longmont, Colorado 80503
Telephone (U.S.): (720) 204-2230
Toll Free (U.S.): (866) 635-5784
Rebit Webiste

Music Wizard

About us:
We at Music Wizard Group™ believe that the language of music is a birthright that anyone can learn and enjoy, at any age, regardless of experience. We provide the means to unlock and ignite the creative musical genius inherent in us all. Our target market is anyone who wishes to enjoy, play or create music, regardless of experience. Whether it is your first time, you are starting again or you are recovering from a less than positive music experience in the past, our products are for you.

Contact Information:
Music Wizard Group
Allegro Multimedia Inc
7367 Glacier View Rd.
Longmont, CO 80503

Toll-free: 877-742-6604