About Us:
Medovina brings you artisan Colorado Honey Wine produced by our meadmaster, Mark Beran, and his dedicated work force of Buckfast bees, now over a half a million strong.

Mead, or honey wine, is perhaps the oldest of alcoholic beverages. Simply put, it is wine made from honey instead of grapes. Like grape wine, it can be crafted with either a dry or a sweet finish.

Medovina produces its own honey, from which it hand crafts its mead. Our beeyards are nestled in Old Town Niwot – in the shade of large cottonwoods planted nearly a century ago by early homesteaders.

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About Us: Premium hand crafted wines – made in Colorado

In a world of sensational journalism and extremes, the bare essence of what is great in life becomes lost. The individuality and the ability to have a product reach down and tickle the core of who you are has become a mere ghost in the fog of commercialism. A fellow wine maker captures the essence better than I could imagine.

“What is wine? It’s a relationship between man and nature. With the earth, of course, the LIVE earth free of synthetic products. And with the weather. The wines that make you dream transcend time. They bring youth instead of wrinkles and death. Great wine springs from love, humility, a communion with the spiritual, with the earth and time. It takes a poet to make a great wine. Taste is not important, we don’t all like the same woman. Taste has nothing to do with it. It’s a mystery, a private music. You see blue eyes on the street and you’re enchanted. What’s the inherent virtue of blue eyes? None. Except you and they share an intimacy. A mystery. Though mysteries too have now all been unmasked. Anyway….that’s the way it is. Taste belongs to you, to your own personality and that isn’t predominate. Your taste is your own. No one can stop you from loving someone, from loving one wine and not another. Especially if you fall into the trap of the modern world. …… Taste is your patrimony. You play with as you play with your hands, your feet, your eyes. It’s a personal dance. ” Aime Guibert

My role as the winemaker at Concetta Cellars is not to “create” wine, but to shepherd the grape on its journey to greatness. My vocation is to nurture and shelter the butterfly until it rises above and glides with grace through your glass and across your palette. I make wines, not selfishly for myself, but to make them in the image of the fruit. Sourcing the grapes from the Palisade Valley has its own terroir which too often gets hidden behind enological manuals. I have taken the traditions of my grandfather Cosmo and his father Ignacio and brought them into my own style. I have taken the artisan craftsmanship taught to me and polished it with great care to bring you a modern wine steeped with the beauty and warmth of tradition. As you enjoy this wine I feel honored to bring my family to your table.

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