Hood, Inc. is a leading supplier of proprietary safety devices. Our protective products deliver much needed safety for electric hair-styling tools, which can cause burns, fires, and serious injuries. Additionally, we will utilize our patent-pending technology with a variety of industrial and commercial safety products

We believe in delivering quality products with a commitment to achieving great customer service and stellar relationships. Our passion is to dramatically improve safety for our clients and their loved ones.

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Aundrea Rosdal President/CEO
Hood, Inc
Phone : 720-299-2424
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Funklectic adj. Characterized by originality and modishness, unconventional; made up of or combining elements from a variety of sources.Funklectic is the creation of me, Denver fashion designer Heidi B, and I run the business full time while also doing freelance graphic design.

Funklectic combines funk with eclectic imaginative flair. The fiber and design of collected chaos ignite my fashion ideas. At 25, I don’t take anything for granted. I started designing in high school but cooled off when I got to college. Then in my junior year, I brought my mom’s sewing machine back to school and set it up on a rickety kitchen table. My first project in a while, I took a pile of kids’ t-shirts with cool designs I’d been collecting and cut them into squares. Sewing them together in a patchwork style led to a funky drawstring skirt. I love the skirt and still wear it. The compliments I received inspired me to get my fashion line going.

I decided to focus on creating my own clothing line for my senior thesis, and that was the beginning of my budding business. I live with my amazing boyfriend Marc, an artist, musician and engineer. Marc provides lessons in power tools, business plans and efficiency. He also helps with design strategies when I build movement into my creations, such as the funky flowing purse made of Scrabble letters. The two of us turned the basement into a studio where I could accommodate my industrial sewing machine and a growing collection of tools, however I outgrew that quickly and now work in our garage that we renovated into my studio.

I look to the future with more hope than I could have imagined of a few years ago. My dreams have come true.

Thanks for supporting independent designers and fashion!

Modishness & Originality,
**Heidi B
Have a fun(klectic) day!

Contact Information:
Funklectic, Attn: Heidi B
PO Box 100004
Denver, CO 80250
Phone: 619.917.1000
Funklectic Website