Whether you are in the market for an instrument, find yourself in need of a repair or restoration… or simply have an appreciation for the violin family, its music or the art of violin making… these pages will hopefully be of interest and provide you with some information about me, my background and violin making in general. So feel free to browse…but most of all please contact me with any questions you might have. Personalized service, tailored to each individual player and instrument is of utmost importance to me and essential in this field. A website cannot address your unique situation, so tell me about that certain sound you’re looking for…or that red violin…or what happened to your cello…
…and keep in mind, “The only stupid question is the one not asked!”

Thanks again for visiting and keep on playing…


Alexander Tzankow Fine Violins
13884 W. 76th Ave.
Arvada, CO 80005
303 403 4314



The Eggen Violin Shop is centrally located near downtown Denver in a beautiful, refurbished 1880’s Victorian home. The showroom and workshop are located on the first floor, with two private and comfortable practice rooms for trying instruments on the second floor. The workshop of world class bowmaker and professional cellist Evan Orman is also located on the second floor.

“A wide range of response and consistent sound quality are musts for the professional string player. Beauty and superb craftsmanship are additional reminders that Rock Eggen is a master luthier alive and producing today.”

Arthur Knebel
Former violinist/violist in major orchestras such as the Denver, Dallas, and St. Louis Symphonies


Eggen Violins, Inc.
150 West Fifth Avenue
Denver Co 80204
Wed – Fri 12-5pm
Saturday 10am-4pm
or by appointment

Music Works Custom Batons was started in 1999 in response for a need of quality batons here in Denver. While working at Flesher-Hinton Music, one of my favorite baton companies was getting harder and harder to get “Harrison Hurtz Batons” so Music Works Custom Batons was created.

A baton that you will want for years takes time to make. It has been a journey to find what works best for a baton that I would use. Even during rehearsal I could never use an inexpensive stick. They just don’t feel right. I hope that you like what I have made as much as I like them. Well some better than others.

Music Works Custom Batons
2245 Clermont Street
Denver Colorado, 80207
Alan Martin

Colorado Case Company makes professional grade musical instrument cases. We started in 1993 and set out to design an instrument case that could withstand the weather extremes of a Colorado summer music festival. The temperatures can be below zero at night and sore to over 100 degrees by afternoon, combined with rain, hail, sleet or snow. This kind of temperature change is very harmful to acoustic instruments. Our cases protect through a proprietary material and designs. We have since grown to include 4 distinct brands, including an exclusive license agreement with Boulder based Case Logic. All of our products, except the case logic venture, are made in our Fort Collins facility. While we sell over stock items on our website, we are well known for ability to make a custom product aimed at the needs of a single musician. Almost all touring bands have members using our products including bands such as Tim McGraw, Lyle Lovett, David Grisman, Peter Rowan and the Dixie

Colorado Case Company Website
1713 East Lincoln Avenue, Unit A6
Fort Collins, CO 80524

fax 970-266-1905

Name: Steve Simmons