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OlovesM Eco Bags popped into my head while on my yoga mat, I wanted to figure out a way to re-purpose mats that were being tossed, I realized that new mats were not being use, due to being PVC, so I have taken them along with sandal webbing that was not going to be used, due to the company selling. and USA made fabris and have created a unique line of bags. Each bag is hand made in Colorado where I live.

The bags are a zero waste creation, made from un-used material that companies were going to throw away. I have given them refuge for their remnants, and created the OlovesM Bag Line. Enjoy your bag and remember: You are using a bag that IS making a difference!

Smile & Enjoy Life!

OlovesM Eco Bags
Merle Obrien
Phone: 888.693.2622


Brown Cycles

About Us:
Owner Chris Brown specializes in quality service, standing behind every sale and every customer. From New Bikes to Used, Mountain Bikes, Children’s Bikes – and special designs for those with special needs -Brown Cycles has the best selection for you and your family.

Contact Info:
Brown Cycles
549 Main Street
Grand Junction CO 81501
Brown Cycles Website

About Donek Ski and Snowboards
Donek is a small company with a very dedicated, creative staff of riders. From our shop in Colorado, we handcraft some of the best boards and skis in the world. This is our passion and we intend to continue doing it as long as possible.

Our roots stretch back to 1987, we incorporated in 1995, and have grown without any outside funding. Since our first board, we’ve realized that several key elements are fundamentally important to our products and our success.

Innovative designs, advanced technology, and amazing performance define our products and our very real dedication to customer service keeps people coming back year after year. Simply put, we build skis and snowboards that we want to ride and treat people the way we like to be treated. It works – we hope that you’ll check out what other Donek riders say.

Contact Us
Donek Ski and Snowboards
Toll free in US: 877.53.DONEK
International/Colorado: 303.261.0100

About Us:
Colorado is noted for it’s beautiful Aspen Trees. Colorado Walking Sticks are carved from small dead Aspen Trees and are beautiful when the bark is stripped from the tree. Death of the tree produces changes in the cambium layer beneath the bark. This produces beautiful colors in the wood and gives the walking stick a rustic appearance.

We hand carve both walking/hiking sticks and rustic canes. Walking and hiking sticks are made from Aspen Trees. Canes can be made from either Aspen or Red Cedar.

Colorado Walking and Hiking Sticks are hand-crafted one at a time and not mass produced. Your walking/hiking stick will be personalized to your specifications, size, inscription, etc. Inscriptions such as “Follow your Dreams” or “Climb every Mountain can be wood-burned on the stick or whatever you would like. Generally it takes us about a week and a half to complete an order. Choose from one of our unique designs or request a custom design.

Contact Information:
Colorado Walking Sticks
Richard Bryant
4665 S. Zang St.
Morrison, CO. 80465
Colorado Walking Sticks Website

Snot Spoty

The Snot Spot® is made of soft, high-quality, moisture-resistant fleece and is worn directly over your winter glove, mitten, or even on a bare hand. It loops over one finger (or thumb, for mittens) and around the wrist to give you a large, always accessible surface to take care of those pesky drips. Whether you prefer to use your finger or the whole back of your hand, the Snot Spot is there for you. And with its form-fitting design, it doesn’t interfere with the use of ski poles, snowboard binding straps, shoe laces, or whatever other gear you may have in hand.

Contact Information:
When I Grow Up, Inc.
Attn: Snot Spot
P.O. Box 1465
Vail, CO 81658
Ph: 970-331-1792
Fx: 484-450-9469
Snotspot Website


About us:
FlyteDeck Chest Flybox System, the ultimate accessory for the minimalist angle. Based around a top-quality Okuma fly box, the FlyteDeck packs more functionality into less space – and with less weight.

Contact Information:
Phone: 800.487.1887
FlyteDeck Website
FlyteDeck, Inc.
P.O. Box 18564
Boulder, CO 80308 USA

Psolar Facemasks

About Us:
The QXtec technology was invented by Lee Bagby, a professional mechanical engineer. Raised in a cold climate, Bagby became an avid outdoor enthusiast. His passion for the outdoors combined with his professional technical expertise inspired the idea. Through his work designing HVAC applications he was exposed to the latest heat exchange technology, which ignited the idea for application to recreation accessories.

The company is currently in design/development for a series of recreational and health-related outdoor accessories.

Contact Information:
Psolar, Inc.
5739 W 6th Ave #3
Lakewood, CO 80214
Phone: For orders, call (888) PSOLARX