Donek is a small company with a very dedicated, creative staff of riders. From our shop in Colorado, we handcraft some of the best snowboards and skis in the world. This is our passion and we intend to continue doing it as long as possible

Our roots stretch back to 1987, we incorporated in 1995, and have grown without any outside funding. Since our first board, we’ve realized that several key elements are fundamentally important to our products and our success.

Innovative designs, advanced technology, and amazing performance define our products and our very real dedication to customer service keeps people coming back year after year. Simply put, we build skis and snowboards that we want to ride and treat people the way we like to be treated. It works – we hope that you’ll check out what other Donek riders say.

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Toll free in US: 877.53.DONEK


Our Journey started some time ago, far away in the jungles of Africa. Working among the people we needed a healthy, nutritious start to each day. Our food choices were limited so we created our own granola cereal from scratch. Back in America our children and friends delighted in the stories of our travels and our adventures with food. With their prodding we began to recreate our recipe for special occasions, gifts, and charitable causes. The feedback was inspiring…everyone seemed to love our granola. We soon realized that we needed to do more, and make our granola available to anyone who wanted it.

Our Granola is born from an older era, made the way foods used to be made…with traditional ingredients that satisfy and fulfill. For example, we use real butter and brown sugar. We handbake, slowly. This gives Olde Man Granola® a richer and creamier taste with more flavor than other granolas. For us, it’s about what’s in the product…not what’s left out.

Our Philosophy:
We strive to glorify God in all we do. God’s way is the best way and that means we seek to serve you by doing our best to provide high quality, great tasting granola

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Olde Man Granola
11519 Ranch Elsie Rd.
P.O. Box 7266
Golden, CO 80403

About Us: Premium hand crafted wines – made in Colorado

In a world of sensational journalism and extremes, the bare essence of what is great in life becomes lost. The individuality and the ability to have a product reach down and tickle the core of who you are has become a mere ghost in the fog of commercialism. A fellow wine maker captures the essence better than I could imagine.

“What is wine? It’s a relationship between man and nature. With the earth, of course, the LIVE earth free of synthetic products. And with the weather. The wines that make you dream transcend time. They bring youth instead of wrinkles and death. Great wine springs from love, humility, a communion with the spiritual, with the earth and time. It takes a poet to make a great wine. Taste is not important, we don’t all like the same woman. Taste has nothing to do with it. It’s a mystery, a private music. You see blue eyes on the street and you’re enchanted. What’s the inherent virtue of blue eyes? None. Except you and they share an intimacy. A mystery. Though mysteries too have now all been unmasked. Anyway….that’s the way it is. Taste belongs to you, to your own personality and that isn’t predominate. Your taste is your own. No one can stop you from loving someone, from loving one wine and not another. Especially if you fall into the trap of the modern world. …… Taste is your patrimony. You play with as you play with your hands, your feet, your eyes. It’s a personal dance. ” Aime Guibert

My role as the winemaker at Concetta Cellars is not to “create” wine, but to shepherd the grape on its journey to greatness. My vocation is to nurture and shelter the butterfly until it rises above and glides with grace through your glass and across your palette. I make wines, not selfishly for myself, but to make them in the image of the fruit. Sourcing the grapes from the Palisade Valley has its own terroir which too often gets hidden behind enological manuals. I have taken the traditions of my grandfather Cosmo and his father Ignacio and brought them into my own style. I have taken the artisan craftsmanship taught to me and polished it with great care to bring you a modern wine steeped with the beauty and warmth of tradition. As you enjoy this wine I feel honored to bring my family to your table.

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Concetta Cellars
4637 North Foxtail Drive
Castle Rock, CO 80109


Vodka 14 is a premium vodka brand based in Boulder, CO. It is a product of Altitude Spirits, a Colorodo based company. The product holds a USDA organic certification. It is distilled from organic corn and rye with Rocky Mountain spring water. It debuted at the Healthy Gourmet Festival in Aspen, Colorado. Vodka 14 won the silver medal at the 2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Vodka 14 began as an idea between Matthew Barris and Jonathan Weiss. The two NYU graduates decided that Colorado needed a small-batch vodka, similar to the micro-brewed beers popular in the state. As a result, Matthew and his father Mitch started Altitude Spirits and began producing Vodka 14. The Vodka is currently available throughout Colorado and online.


The easy-to-use, 2 inch, self adhesive Thermostrip is worn on the forehead or upper chest (if the upper chest is used, then add one degree to the reading, as the Thermostrip is further from the brain). It is scientifically proven to reflect the “physiology” of the brain, determining if we are training within an appropriate intensity range / zone.

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About Us:
Icelantic is a progressive, independent ski company that represents a lifestyle supporting, art, adventure, creativity, passion and innovation. Icelantic skis are high performance and totally unique, guaranteeing the evolution of the snow sports industry. We employ American craftsmanship, top of the line materials and cutting edge graphic art to provide our customer with the best product and experience possible.We are committed to building lasting, enriching relationships with every customer, to ensure that they believe in our product and company as much as we do.

It is our mission and our nature to live a lifestyle inspired by passion and we invite you to join us.

Contact Information:
Icelantic Skis and Snowboards
948 W. 8th Ave
Denver, Colorado 80204

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All natural popcorn with its seven flavors, is on the shelves in all 50 states and expecting to break the $1 million gross-revenue mark!

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